We continue to be thrilled with the work that you and your staff did on our kitchen.  The cabinets continue to look like new and would have you back for any future work.  A while back, you wanted to take after photos,  You are more than welcome to do so.  Just give me some notice so I can have everything looking great,

Thanks again,

Robert & Sylvia


Dear Bruce,
Every time Bob and I go to Cambria we enjoy the work you did there more and more.
It is such a joy to see a job so well done in many ways.
For example, the suggestions you made along the way, such as the trim on the house. I did not think I wanted any trim, but as it turned out, it was just what finished the painting so perfectly, as you can see. And the color of it is just right. Plain white would not have done at all, but the color you chose is just perfect.
The same is true of the red you chose for the front door, and the wonderful mellow color you found for the fence.
And we especially enjoy the way you combined all three colors of the house, the trim, and the fence, on the little deck upstairs. It makes us happy every time we sit at our table.
When the inspector came last week, he wanted to know who did the exterior painting! He was impressed with it, as was our son, who has an eye for
details. It was nice experience for us in many ways, and we continue to enjoy the beauty of the work every time we are at the house.
Everything was done perfectly and impeccably, which leaves us with nothing to do but appreciate it.